How do I place an order?

Fill out the form on the Contact Us page or send an email to info@gloriouscakes.com.au. Please provide the date of your celebration, the number of people your cake needs to serve and if you would like small party sized servings or larger dessert portions. If you have any inspirational photos please send these through too. You will be contacted within 48 hours with a quote or to discuss your requirements in further detail.​

How much notice do you need?


All cakes are custom-made and need to be ordered in advance. For birthday and general celebration cakes at least two weeks is preferred and for wedding cakes at least 2 months. Urgent orders can sometimes be accommodated, but will depend on how many bookings we have at the time of request.

How much do your cakes cost?


All cakes are custom made to order, and the final price is dependent on a number of factors including: 

  • Size

  • Number of serves required and serving size (small/coffee or large/dessert)

  • Complexity of design and techniques required, amount of detail, shape, sugar flowers, topper etc... 

  • Ingredients and materials

  • Delivery and set up (if required)


As a general guide starting prices for round cakes are:

  •    6"  - 20 coffee/10 dessert serves: $130 (buttercream) $150 (fondant)

  •    7"  - 30 coffee/15 dessert serves: $150 (buttercream) $170 (fondant)

  •    8"  - 40 coffee/20 dessert serves: $180 (buttercream) $200 (fondant)

  •    9"  - 50 coffee/25 dessert serves: $200 (buttercream) $225 (fondant)

  •   10" - 60 coffee/30 dessert serves: $230 (buttercream) $260 (fondant)

Two-tier cakes (6" + 8") with buttercream start at $330 and from $370 for fondant.

Three-tier cakes (6" + 8" + 10") buttercream start at $570 and from $620 for fondant.

3D carved cakes start at $300.

Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes. Once your order has been confirmed you will be issued with an invoice for payment of a 50% deposit. Your booking is not secure until the payment has been recieved. Payment of the remaining 50% of your order is due 7 days prior to collection/delivery.
Do you take credit card payments?
At this stage we are not set up to take payments by credit card. All invoices issued to our clients include bank details for online bank transfers.

Can you deliver my cake?

Delivery is provided free of charge within 10km of Pullenvale. Delivery out of this area is charged according to distance travelled, so please advise delivery suburb if this option is required. Collection from Glorious Cakes kitchen in Pullenvale can also be arranged.

For large cakes (3 tiers or more), we must insist on delivery as this is a very delicate task and set up at the venue will be required.