I'm Gloria - the owner and operator of Glorious Cakes. I'm a wife and mum of two teenagers (eek!). Creating cakes for a living was not something that I would have imagined I would be doing growing up, or even as recent as 5 years ago! I've always loved cooking in general, and love hosting and entertaining crowds of friends for celebrations, even if there's no cake involved! Although usually I find an excuse.....

Many people will refer to me as being artistic, but I beg to differ! My "real" profession, or my "past-life" as I call it, was as a Chemical Engineer. Not very arty! It wasn't until I had my children that I discovered my love of cake decorating. Like many cake makers, it started out as just a fun hobby creating cakes for my children, and each year the cakes got bigger, better, more complex. The turning pont for my obession was when Katherine Sabbath and Cakes by Cliff emerged onto the scene and I couldn't get enough of cakes! So began a year of putting my hand up to create any cake for any occasion for anyone that was having a celebration. Then it came a point where I decided to bite the bullet, build a dedicated and licenced cake kitchen in my house and start my business,

There is not a single style of cake that I prefer over another. They all have things I love about them. I love pairing delicate buttercream cakes with the prettiest of florals. I love that fondant is so versatile and you can create so many different textures and finishes. I love novelty cakes for the challenges they present (and I get to use a bit of engineering with some!). I love the process of discovering and learning to use and manipulate newer mediums such as isomalt and wafer paper.


The world of cake for me is SO exciting and I get a ridiculous amount of joy from making people happy with cake. For me, it is the best job in the world.